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Below are standing committees that are task-oriented and aim to accomplish specific goals. For more information concerning more internal or special committees, please complete the contact form. 

Community Engagement

Exists to assist in providing and maintaining economic stability and growth in the community's production, commerce, and services.

Public Service 

Exists to be aware of all public services available in the community, be concerned with their efficient operation and justified expansion, and work toward establishing additional services.


Exists to ensure good stewardship of funds and strategically plan for the club's future. 

Citizenship & Patriotism

Exists to foster a love of our country and pride in being a citizen by promoting activities and philosophies that enable each of us to become more aware of our unique rights and responsibilities because we are Americans.

Social Development

Exists to provide the community with facilities and services that will provide for all people's well-being and development, with special concern for those with extenuating needs.


Exists to improve the environment and conserve natural resources in the community


Exists to ensure the buildings and grounds owned by the club are maintained and available for use by and for the community. 

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