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About Us

Chartered on February 5, 1940, the Keezletown Ruritan Club has faithfully served the Keezletown and surrounding community for over 80 years. Ruritan's mission allows each club to serve its community's unique needs through fellowship, goodwill, and community service. 

Today, Keezletown Ruritan is comprised of over 30 dedicated members who aim to impact the community and lead a lasting change. While mission-specific committees and a faithful board of directors ensure mission achievement, significant decisions are made by the club's general membership. Every dollar donated to Keezletown Ruritan remains in the community and goes toward its betterment. 

Keezletown Ruritan is dedicated to the community's youth. Notably, during the 2016-17 school year, Keezletown Ruritan sponsored the charter of the Spotswood High School Ruri-Teen Club. We also sponsor/provide facilites to the Keezletown Babe Ruth League. We offer scholarships to graduating high school seniors and current college students annually.

We invite you to visit us during our various events throughout the year and review the multiple organizations we have and continue to support.

Like what you see? Join our movement. 

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